NEUPROJECT is a multidisciplinary design studio based out of Vancouver. The focus of our work is digital + print brand strategy: we articulate core values in a creative and visual manner. Both highly rational and wildly visual, our work spans strategy and design from culture to commerce. Even though we are a new studio, we have successfully helped various clients to transform their brands online and and translate business into tangible and designed experiences. We work with some of the most design-savvy clients worldwide to develop strategy, design systems, content and projects that draw on both modernist traditions and the exuberance of contemporary life.

Focused on experience & creavitiy - Everything we do is grounded in the principles and practice of user experience design. User experience is about how customers perceive who you are through direct interaction—and it’s a fundamentally powerful way to build brands and businesses in the digital age. We believe that organizations, individuals and even societies depend more than ever before on creativity to flourish. Creativity in our view is a byproduct of the diversity that emerges by eliminating boundaries between disciplines and cultures, business and art. We believe that companies that recognize this and come to appreciate and master creativity will outperform those that master operations and innovation. Our mission as artisans and professionals is to help companies recognize and unleash the commercial potential of creativity.

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